Joseph Gavin Nyanzi

April 14, 2015

Personal Lessons I pick from death…

Recently a prominent LAWYER and POLITICIAN from Uganda died. He was planning to stand for Member of Parliament in the 2016 national elections. But what caught […]
April 10, 2015

Don’t give up on your DREAM!!!!

I got this mail from Tyler Perry, I am certain it will be a source of GREAT INSPIRATION to you… Hey Joseph, I was driving in […]
April 6, 2015

AFRICA – It’s your turn now!!!

  AFRICA – It’s your turn now!!! Jambo Africa!!! Congratulations, our Forum of daily Inspiration and Motivation – the Three Strands Health¬†Facebook page has passed the […]
April 6, 2015

About Me

Joseph Gavin Nyanzi (photo above) is the team leader of Three Strands Investments LTD. He is the brain behind the strategizing and policy formulation of Three […]
September 16, 2014

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