Lessons from Success by Ariho Kamara (Part 4)

Lessons from Success by Ariho Kamara (Part 1)
May 12, 2016
Lessons from Success by Ariho Kamara (Part 5)
May 12, 2016
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Lessons from Success by Ariho Kamara (Part 4)

ak2I have observed that successful people have all mastered one thing, the ability to say NO! They say it with ease, poise and without regret. The world has many offers to make. I know this because as an “AD-Man”, most of my working day is thinking of ways to get people to say YES to my clients’ brands. (Early this year, I was headhunted by an American Advertising Agency based in Ghana which made me a job offer for the position of Managing Director. The salary was in dollars of course and it was a whooping 30 times more than what I currently get but I said NO! – That’s a story for another day)

At the height of the FOREX trading craze that had gripped our city a few years ago, my wife and I took out a Bank Loan to invest in a piece of property. On the day we were supposed to deposit on the property I suggested to my wife that we invest the money into FOREX trading at 20% per month return on investment. We already had $2,500 invested and the monthly returns of $510 was quite comforting. The excel sheet computation was a no brainer; you had to be really slow not to see the logic. I remember using the words of Robert Kiyosaki as I pitched my idea to her. “If cash is King, Cash flow is the castle” I said. Let us build a castle!

I am glad that my wife (the pillow on which I dream) is not only gorgeous but brainy too. I remember her exact words to me. ‘This money will go only to the purpose for which it has been borrowed -Period.’ It wasn’t long after when the FOREX venture went burst and stories of people who diverted funds from Real Estate to FOREX and were in dire straits begun to reach us. – This can only qualify my earlier post – ‘Brothren, mind the pillow that you dream on’

We are all born with the same opportunities regardless of the geographical location or family we find ourselves placed into. We all have the same amount of life’s most critical resource; Time. Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg has 24hrs in a day just like you and I, but our incomes are in different brackets because he mastered the art of saying NO at an early age. Saying no to what seem like opportunities but are in fact distractions from the “main thing”. Saying NO to the easy way out and choosing to build something from scratch. Saying NO to short-term pleasure for long-term regret!

Refuse to become a jerk of all trades and a master of none.
The world is looking for problem solvers, specialists in whatever it is they have chosen to do. None of us would like to be operated upon by a rookie surgeon; we are looking for the person that has invested time to perfect their trade. We are looking for the specialist who has said NO to other things and YES to this one thing.

Here is the Lesson
Simply learn to say NO!
Keep your eyes on the goal. All successful people are known for something – ONE THING! What’s that one thing you’re known for? – Focus your energies!
Noah Baalessanvu said this profound and witty statement that – Light dispersed illuminates but light focused Penetrates. And we are the light of the world!

I believe that we can do all things through Christ and I am sure if you’re in Him, he will give you wisdom to make great decisions.


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