Lessons from Success by Ariho Kamara (Part 1)

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May 11, 2016
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May 12, 2016
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Lessons from Success by Ariho Kamara (Part 1)

akContrary to popular belief I have had my fair share of hard knocks. (In case you are doubting I once did jail time, but that’s a story for another day). I think I have registered over 12 business in the last 8 years and one of them is called ‘ENCOURAGE’. I opened this one when I thought Ugandans could use some of my on the job training gained while I was a cashier turn check-out supervisor at ‪#‎JSainsbury‬‘s and ‪#‎Tesco‬, places I worked at concurrently as a self supporting international student. I worked a day-shift and night shift in between two masters’ degrees programmes, an MBA and later an MA Digital Media at London Metropolitan University. Given my schedule and many challenges, I was taught how to leave my problems at the door and get on with the job at hand when I got to the workplace. This is something our Ugandan service providers need to encourage their staff to learn. Yes, I care that the landlord is threatening to throw you out of the house but please don’t show it to me with your poor customer service and bad attitude. It doesn’t make your situation better and you miss a chance of doing something to celebrate!

I recall my visit to Shoprite; Equipped with my manuals and customer service accolades I hoped the manager would accept my offer to train his staff for free. I was sure he’d love it and ultimately pay for it. That’s how I was planning to cash in on the knowledge I had acquired. He took a look at me and “spat out” of his office. Two minutes with the SouthAfrican manager were enough to explain why the staff acted the way they did, little wonder they closed shop.

Back to the main point.
In early 1999 John Katto gave me a chance to hone a new found passion for graphic design. My story is a lot like ‪#‎LeicesterCityFC‬, I moved from Store Keeper to Graphic designer in under 8 months and by 2002 under the mentorship of many mentors especially Adris Kamuli, I was among a hand full of designers in the land. We made it possible for New Vision, The Daily Monitor and Red Pepper to print colour pages with the first in Uganda colour separation technology. We produced most of the packaging and branding for your house hold brands like Movit and Cheers. We also designed the wonderful cassette jackets with your favourite hits from Congo and for the Ugandans that dared at the time like Rasta Rob MC, Menton Summer (RIP) we were on hand to package their music better.

All this is to Encourage you friends. Take all the chances you get because you miss all the opportunities that you never take. If you are ever in position to give someone a chance give it to them. Remain Hungry, Stay Hungry, Believe in God and Dream Big!


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