Warren Buffet’s Top 10 Rules of Success by Evan Carmichael

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Warren Buffet’s Top 10 Rules of Success by Evan Carmichael


#1. Find your Passion – When you find it, give it all you have within.

#2. Hire Well – 3 things to look out for when hiring someone i) Integrity ii) Intelligence iii) Energy and if they don’t have i) & ii), you would rather have them Lazy.

#3.Don’t care what others say as long as you have your facts right (Emotional Stability)

#4. Read, Read and Read. (Great READERS make Great LEADERS)

#5. Have a margin of safety – You don’t drive a truck that weighs 999 kg across a bridge that says “Limit 1000 kg.

#6. Have a competitive advantage. – The nature of capitalism is that people always want to come and take your castle. So you always need to have an amazing castle that will keep people attracted to you instead of another.

#7. Schedule for your personality – Some are more productive late in the night others very early in the morning

#8. Always be competing – The biggest thing that kills businesses is complacency. You need to compete the same way when you have 50 customers like you did when you only had 5 customers. You need to have the belief that tomorrow shall be better than today.

#9. Model Success – You need to have a role model or mentor.

#10. Give unconditional Love – There’s no power on earth like power of unconditional love.


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