How I Stay Inspired (Personal) by Robin Sharma!!!

May 13, 2015
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June 16, 2015
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How I Stay Inspired (Personal) by Robin Sharma!!!

I’m no guru. My life’s not flawless.

I’m a work in progress (who works harder than you’ll ever know to live my message)…some days are epic…some days yield challenges…

Through my life, I’ve been at the top of the summit of success as well as spent time walking through the valley of darkness and pain… …that’s just life happening, yes?

[I have also come to believe that apparent setbacks are just growth blessings in wolf’s clothing. Adversity is the medicine that makes scared citizens brave].

But the real game of the legendary performer is to play at wow no matter what’s going on in their outer world.

To remain focused, productive, creative, graceful, grateful…and inspired…

when things are going great or when it’s all falling apart.

The foundation of it all–in many ways–is your mindset.

When you think inspired, you’ll feel inspired.

And when you feel inspired, you’ll do inspired.

Here are 5 of the practices I run to keep my inspiration levels at peak:

#1. Be With Beauty. I’m an aesthete. I adore being around beauty,

whether that’s the beauty of amazing modern art at The Tate in London

or under the big African sky in Cape Town or walking in a forest with my children

or a three hour meal simply but beautifully prepared in a Roman enoteca.

Beauty inspires. Seek it daily.


#2. Get Your Soundtrack Right.

Music’s awesome.

Been listening to a lot of War Against Drugs/Courtney Barnett

/Wax Tailor and Mogwai lately as well my favorite loungey chill out music.

I make playlists based on the season as well as the pocket of life I’m experiencing.

Music is one of my go to protocols.

It kickstarts my production, inspires my hours and becomes the soundtrack to my life.

A house with great music is a cool home.


#3. Walk With Giants.

I’ve been sending you very robust posts over the past few weeks in my ongoing effort to be a source of rich value to you and I didn’t want to go too deep on this one but simply know that there’s a ton of good science confirming that we adopt the mindsets + habits of the people we spend most of our time with… …hang with C-players and world-class complainers who dismiss their opportunity for a bolder future and that will become your reality too. …populate your life with optimists, game-changers, masters of their crafts and visionaries who are obsessed with lifting the world and their influence lifts you with them. You really will become your conversations… Fyi–if you want to spend 4 days with me and my superstar faculty that has included Richard Branson, Seth Godin, Darren Hardy and Daniel Amen at The Titan Summit 2015 to 100X your business + life forever, I strongly encourage you to get onto the advance registration list right here This iconic event is my premier live event and only happens once a year. My team wants me to open doors pretty soon and getting onto this priority list is not only your best chance at a seat but you’ll get the early registration price versus the regular $25,000 tuition fee.


#4. Run “The Two Massage Protocol”. Two massages a week.

Like any great athlete on the playing field of life.

You’ll feel stronger, more relaxed, happier

and deeply inspired to do amazing things with the power that inhabits you.

Yes, it costs, but as Warren Buffett taught me, exceptionalists focus more on value than cost.

And the value this practice will deliver will far outweigh what you pay.

#5. Reconnect to Your Mighty Why.

I’ve been writing about knowing your cause + mission for many years.

Da Vinci said it well: “Fix your course to a star then you can navigate any storm.”

Knowing the main aim that you’re donating the rest of your life to taps the neurobiological instinct we all have to lead lives that matter.

Once you know that reason that’s bigger than yourself, the game totally changes… …impact becomes more important than income. Delivering value starts to trump vanity. And every fiber of your being begins to fill with inspiration born of rare-air contribution. Ok. That’s my piece for today. Hope it helps–even a little. Remember: small daily optimizations over time lead to epic results. I’ll leave you with a final thought from Emerson that always inspires me: “Self-trust is the first secret of success, the belief that if you are here the authorities of the universe put you here, and for cause, or with some task strictly appointed you in your constitution, and so long as you work at that you are well and successful.” – Robin Sharma

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