Ideas Are The Most Valuable Thing In the World: Handle With Care!

April 20, 2015
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April 22, 2015
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Ideas Are The Most Valuable Thing In the World: Handle With Care!

Strive Masiyiwa (in the picture above) is the Executive Chairman & Founder of the Econet Group <>; this is what he shared on his Facebook page on 22nd April 2014 about IDEAS.


The most valuable resource in the world is not found in the ground, as gold, diamonds, and oil; it is, and will always be ideas in the minds of people, when harnessed properly. Some of the most valuable companies, in the world today, like Alibaba (China), Facebook (USA), Google (USA), are less than 15 years old, and yet each one of them is worth much more than some of the biggest resource companies like Anglo American (SA), BHP (Australia), which were built over 100 years.

Companies like Apple, Alibaba, Google, and Facebook, are not built on natural resources, but harnessed ideas, better known as innovations.

The amount of cash held by the top four tech companies, like Apple, Google, and Samsung, is more than all the economies of Africa, as well as all the economies of Latin America.

I believe that each one of us, has the capacity to come up with “witty inventions”, which can dramatically improve the lives of millions, whilst at the same time creating wealth for our nations.
You might have an idea, for something completely new, or you might have an idea to improve something that exists, or you are working and have an idea to improve a process, or solutions that can make your organisation more profitable, or efficient.

Many people do not know what to do when they have an idea, particularly one with which to start, even a new business. And this is what I want to talk about, in this post:
The first thing, you must have is respect for ideas, and to value ideas.

In business when an idea has been harnessed properly, we call it, Intellectual Property (IP). Never steal or misuse other people’s ideas, particularly when they are protected by patents, and Trade Marks, Copy writes, or Trade Secrets, measures.

When you have an idea, which you think is a new innovation, or even invention, don’t go around telling everyone you meet (including your friends), this is like leaving your wallet on a bar counter, to go to the toilet!

Discretion, discretion, discretion….!!!

There are people who will even go on my Facebook site, and share their idea, with 3m people, who read my posts:
Let’s say that they are very generous!

Some people prepare detailed, documents and send them to third parties, whom they think can help them. If you do that you will end in tears, and you probably don’t deserve any sympathy!

So what do you do, if you have a new innovation, or business idea?

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